Coco & Chanel the Cats

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Roxy's Crochet

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My dear fellow crocheter!

I just finished designing a brand new pattern for my favourite animal: the cat!

This pattern is super quick and easy to make.

There is barely any sewing needed, just some embroidery skills. 

I also teach you in this pattern how to attach a key chain so it is attached properly and can't come off the amigurumi. A very useful skill you can use for your future amigurumi!

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2.5 mm hook > my go to and absolute favourite crochet hooks are these Japanese Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hooks. I use them all the time!

number 2 cotton yarn -> i used Schachenmayr Catania yarn

in the colors dark brown (A), cream white/linen (B) and berry (C):


LEINEN #248 (B)

FRESIE #251 (C)

For the light kitty i used the same colours just switched around and used SIGNALROT #115 for the collar and bow.

embroidery needle/yarn needle -> i recommend getting them in several sizes, with a blunt tip (so you don't split the yarn). You will need them very often in amigurumi: the bigger ones for sewing your pieces together and the smaller ones are perfect for embroidery or sewing smaller pieces.

scissors or cutter-> if you prefer scissors i can really recommend these beautiful high-quality, vintage scissors

OR: If you prefer a cutter - like me - i really recommend this quick to grab yarn cutter

safety eyes 11-12 mm -> i recommend to get them in a set with different sizes

stuffing -> i use this poly-fil stuffing, i recommend getting a larger amount, because in my experience it's used up fairly quickly

sewing pins -> i recommend getting a bunch of sewing pins, because they tend to get lost or bent a little bit

stitch markers -> i use these

Key Ring with Chain

Needle threader

2 pliers -> two of these is ideal

small button <- the smallest ones from the link are ideal


Feel free to use the colours the way you like or use any other color combination!

The body and head are crocheted in one piece in the round. The ears, paws and tail are sewn on separately.

This pattern works with the brown kitty as an example. Both cats are identical except for the colours.

Learn how to do the invisible decrease:

Learn how to close the last round:

Perfect color change:

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