Fly agaric mushroom / Fliegenpilz

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The fly agaric mushrooms are a variation of my brown mushrooms. You can find the pattern for them here: Mushroom-Pattern

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Die Fliegenpilze sind eine Variation meiner braunen Pilze.

Die kostenlose Anleitung ist hier zu finden: Kostenlose Häkelanleitung - Fliegenpilze

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Oh Fall - you are the cosiest time of the year!

You smell like wet leaves on the ground.

You feel like long walks on Sundays.

You look like red, yellow and orange trees glowing in the sun.

You taste like hot chocolate and pumpkin pie.

You are soft like thick socks and warm blankets on the couch 

You call for watching all Seasons of Gilmore Girls again.

Oh Fall - you are my favourite time of the year!

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